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GOOD BUDS growing good bud.

About Us

At GOOD BUDS, we're more than just a cannabis company. We're a family.


Led by our stoner CEO, Tyler Rumi, we share a love for the plant that's as deep as our roots in the soil.


Our journey began with a simple mission: to connect good people with the finest cannabis.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • Organic Growth: Our cannabis thrives in living organic soils, ensuring a cleaner, smoother burn.

  • Pure Nourishment: We trust nature. Our plants are fed only with water, letting their true essence shine.

  • Eco-Friendly: Growing predominantly outdoors, we're proud of our reduced GHG emissions and energy use.

  • Unique Genetics: Every strain is bred in-house, offering unmatched flavor and terpene profiles.

  • Community First: As one of the largest employers on Salt Spring Island, we believe in giving back and ensuring our team earns a fair living wage

Our Story

Imagine the open road, the spirit of adventure, and a van carrying a dream.

As Tyler Rumi's tires rolled onto the serene landscapes of Salt Spring Island, BC, it wasn't just another stop on his cross-Canada journey. It was destiny. The island whispered tales of its perfect growing climate, and Tyler, a passionate stoner with deep roots in cannabis cultivation, listened.

He didn't just find a home on Salt Spring Island; he found a purpose. With the spirit of the island in his heart and a dream in his eyes, Tyler, living out of his van, rallied his brother Alex and his closest pals, Ryan, Mike, and Andrew. Together, they sowed the seeds of what would become GOOD BUDS.

Fast forward to today, and that dream has blossomed. GOOD BUDS isn't just a brand; it's a testament to passion, commitment, and the magic of Salt Spring Island.


Join us on this journey, and discover the joy of sharing some GOOD BUDS.

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