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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GOOD BUDS? 

GOOD BUDS is a craft cannabis company founded by brothers Tyler and Alex Rumi.


Independent and family-run, we’re producing thoughtfully-made, small-batch flower, rosin and hash. All of our plants are grown naturally and sustainably on Salt Spring Island, BC.

What makes GOOD BUDS different?

At GOOD BUDS, our approach to quality is focused on growing sustainably in living organic soils exclusively on our FVOPA Certified Organic, Salt Spring Island, BC Family Farm, using reusable beds and watered with recaptured rain water for the best all natural product without harmful environmental impact. Putting plants, place and people first, we're on a mission to provide quality in, and quality out.


Growing high-quality, BC bud, our CEO and founder Tyler Rumi, started as a passionate connoisseur with deep agricultural roots, combining his legacy background of cultivation.

How do you grow your cannabis?

GOOD BUDS is guided by the principles of organic craft growing and extraction techniques. From seed-to-sale, our plants are grown naturally and sustainably in organic living soils and fed by the sun, ocean air and recaptured rainwater. That means no single-use growing medium, chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

What is ‘living soil’?

With many ways to think about organic growing methods, GOOD BUDS has been certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA) for all indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation at our licensed cannabis farm on Salt Spring Island BC.


While many growers use synthetic growing mediums, living soil is all-natural and free from any synthetic ingredients. It contains only natural nutrients, and relies on the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and the cannabis plant’s root system. Plants grown in living soil are healthier, and are better able to fight off pests and disease, making terpene retention much stronger.

Do you machine trim your dry flower?

No, we only hand trim and hand finish our buds!

Do you hang dry your cannabis?

Whether it’s grown indoors or outside, all GOOD BUDS product is hang dried for a minimum of 14 days, using a slow-cure, burping process.

Where can I buy GOOD BUDS products?

It all depends on where you live! Currently we are selling in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Check our stockists page for more details on where you can find our products.

How is your hash made?

All of our hash at GOOD BUDS, whether pressed or not is a bubble hash. This means we use ice water and agitation to gently separate whole trichome heads from our cannabis inputs. The result is a finer quality hash with higher purity than a dry sift hash or kief.

Do you use any chemicals in your extractions? What does solventless mean? 

At GOOD BUDS, we use two extraction techniques - ice water and heated press. Both of these techniques are solventless. This means that our concentrates are extracted without the use of chemical solvents, like butane, C02 or ethanol, which chemically strip THC and terpenes from the plant. What you get is a more pure and natural concentrate, which better reflects the true flavour of the input plant.

What does the “Live” mean on your Live Hash or Live Rosin products?

The “Live” in our Live Hash and Live Rosin means that the input materials were fresh frozen at harvest and extracted ice cold. Much like fresh basil vs. dried basil, what you get with our “Live” concentrates is a more terpy product that has the nose and flavour profile that closer resembles the fresh plant.

What is your return policy? 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our product, please let us know by contacting our Customer Service Department at

How can I tell when my product was made? What is the shelf life and How should I store my flower and concentrates?  

Each of our products contain a package date on the outside packaging to help determine the freshness of our product. Cannabis producers can only legally include an expiry date if there is specific research and data about a products’ stability period. We are still in the process of testing our products to determine their expiry dates, but anecdotally, our flower typically can maintain potency for one year, and concentrates can maintain freshness and potency for up to two years.

Most people have a preferred way of storing their cannabis, but at a minimum, store in a cool, dry place that is out of reach from children and animals.

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