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Get to Know Us

GOOD BUDS is an independent, family-run LP and Certified Living Wage Employer from Salt Spring Island, BC specializing in craft cannabis. 

Our Founders

GOOD BUDS is a craft cannabis company founded by brothers Tyler and Alex Rumi.

Tyler Rumi

Tyler’s love for weed spans more than a decade. Since his first MMAR grow in 2007, Tyler has been deeply involved in advancing the cannabis sector, developing his expertise in cultivation, marketing and extractions.


Always an entrepreneur, Tyler was CEO and Co-Founder of a profitable real estate company for more than 10 years, serving the Ontario and Quebec markets. A McGill grad, Tyler has been a champion of legalization since his University years, working with Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the National Reefer Association to advance the cause.


Eager to grow his knowledge, he was thrilled to work with Cannabis advocate Marc-Boris St.-Maurice, founder of NORML (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws) and Bloc Pot, a Quebec provincial party whose primary goal was to decriminalize and eventually legalize Cannabis. Here, he became a volunteer for the first Montreal Compassion Club. 


Today, he is CEO and Responsible Person for GOOD BUDS. 

Alex Rumi

Alex is an expert strategist and director fluent in all facets of operations, project management, sales and production. With more than a decade of professional experience in finance, management consulting and strategy, he brings a meaningful and unique perspective to the forefront of all projects he curates, challenging the norms and using a solutions-oriented approach. From ideation to execution, he has become a sharp writer who brings journalistic expertise, driven by an undying passion for quality products and content. 


After studying economic and sustainable development, he had the opportunity to join Canada’s leading government relations and management consulting firm, assisting companies to navigate uncertainty within highly-regulated environments, becoming adept in Real Estate Development, Sales and Customer Service, Finance, Insurance and equity. Today, he is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of GOOD BUDS.


In it's early days, he joined his brother Tyler Rumi, helping lead the construction of the GOOD BUDS site, building what is now an award-winning family farm.

Want in on the GOOD stuff?


Thank you! Get ready for the GOOD stuff.

Meet the Team

Your vibe attracts your tribe! Our team is the heart and soul of everything we do. The environment we curate and the people we share the same passion with, are part of the end result of the organic product we deliver to you. 

Tyler Rumi

Alex Rumi

Monica Narula

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Strategy Officer

Communications Director

Alex Kuprejanec

National Sales Manager

Miguel Kreiser

Strategic Sales Manager

John Harris

Quality Assurance Manager

Eugene Migus


Tricia Mutcher

Supply Chain Manager

Cedar Ross

Cultivation Lead

Ryan Mant

Outdoor Cultivation Manager

Health & Safety

Alisha Victoria

Harvest Manager

Michael Olech

Facilities Manager

Mateo Kreuz

Security Guard

Tristan Collombin

Extraction Supervisor

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