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Exceeding  Expectations

Learn more about how we pamper our plants using natural inputs and nutrients. 


We believe in connecting good people with good cannabis.


We do this using only living, organic soils rich in bioavailable microorganisms and nutrients for enhanced flavour, sustainability and quality. All our buds are harvested by hand, and hang dried in small batches using artisanal slow-cure methods.

We love our cannabis. We’re always looking to find ways to grow better so we can bring you the stickiest and tastiest buds possible.

All our cannabis is grown in living organic soils. 

We believe our choice to grow organic provides benefits to both consumers and the earth. We're committed to sustainability, and that starts with how we grow.   

We focus on nurturing the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and the cannabis plant’s root system.  As a result, our plants are healthier and are better able to fight off pests and disease naturally without the use of pesticides.

Our entire farm is certified Organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA), so you can rest assured that your buds, pre-rolls, hash and rosin were grown using only the best organic nutrients.

Pampered Weed

All our buds are pampered to bring out the best in them.


We grow in small-batches and harvest every cannabis plant by hand. We hang dry everything, using a gentle burping method to slowly extract moisture from the buds, while still on the stem.


Then we hand trim our buds, or hand finish our pre-rolls in unbleached, organic rolling papers. Our concentrates are extracted in small-batches using gentle, solvent-free methods.


All our products are hand packed and inspected before shipment. 

Ocean Grown BC Bud

At GOOD BUDS, we’re proud to call Salt Spring Island, BC home. 


There’s a prevailing salty ocean breeze that embraces our buds, giving them a unique sticky quality. 


We’re surrounded by ancient forests that provide microbial, rhizosphere, and fungal diversity. So much so that wild blackberry bushes grow at the side of the street!

There’s also a deeply-embedded culture of organic farming on the island. This organic presence informs our terroir, and ensures that there are no traces of pesticides or synthetic nutrients to harm our soil’s health, creating a more flavourful and nuanced bud.

Communal Soil Beds

At GOOD BUDS, we’re all about building a sense of community. And that starts with our plants. 


We grow our plants in communal soil beds instead of plastic pots. It encourages them stretch out and socialize. Plants communicate with each other through their root system, and can even help send nutrients to a friend in need. You can taste the difference that a happy and healthy plant makes in the final bud!

Regenerative Family Farm

Regenerative agriculture is more than an alternative production strategy. It’s a fundamental shift in our relationship to nature.


At GOOD BUDS, we use regenerative farming practices, like tilling plants and weeds back into the soil to improve the soil’s nutrient composition and improve our carbon recapture. We also feed our plants using 100% recaptured rainwater, and we never use pesticides or harmful chemical nutrients that could harm local waterways. Our field even drains back into our lower water pond, meaning any excess water is recaptured for later use too! 

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