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Gluerangutan: A Guide to the Good Buds Organic Strain

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Gluerangutan is a hybrid cannabis strain developed in-house by GOOD BUDS. It’s a back-cross of the limited edition legacy strain Harambe (OG Kush x GG4 x Hash Plant). It boasts high THC, super sticky nugs, and a satisfying cleaner terp profile.

Gluerangutan is Ocean Grown next to the Pacific Ocean's Salish Sea. And its grown in Living Organic Soils using sustainable, no-till regenerative agriculture methods.

This article will tell you all about Gluerangutan. How it tastes and smells, what it looks like, and how it makes you feel. We will also tell you about what makes Gluerangutan different - Namely, how we grow, harvest and finish Gluerangutan to bring out the best in this house-bred strain.

Gluerangutan Strain Overview

GOOD BUDS Organic Gluerangutan strain growing outdoors on Salt Spring Island, BC

Gluerangutan is a hybrid strain. That means it has a balanced effect, with both sativa and indica qualities. It has dense, sticky buds. Gluerangutan is a high-THC strain. It has diesel base aromas, followed by citrus zest and a fresh mountain pine finish. Gluerangutan is often considered a "cleaner" strain, with its strong lemon-pine terps.

As an outdoor-grown strain, Gluerangutan is a rare find. It sets itself apart from other outdoor-grown cannabis in three ways:

  1. Dense, sticky buds that look more like greenhouse or indoor-grown bud than your typical outdoor;

  2. High terpenes, often exceeding 3% total terp; and,

  3. Potent THC that rivals indoor-grown cannabis.

Gluerangutan is not for novice cannabis users. THC hits at least 20%, and as high as 30% when grown outdoors.

Quick Facts: Gluerangutan

GOOD BUDS Gluerangutan Strain Card

THC - 21-28%

CBD - >2%

Sativa - 50%

Indica - 50%

Flavour Profile: Fuel, Lemon Pine Cleaner

Flavour Notes - Fuel, Lemon, Pine, Earthy

Dominant Terpenes - Limonene, Caryophyllene, Ocimene

Grown: Outdoors (No Till Living Soil Organic)

Gluerangutan Lineage

GOOD BUDS Gluerangutan Lineage

Gluerangutan is a Good Buds strain that was back-crossed in-house from Harambe. Harambe is a limited-release hybrid strain named after the beloved gorilla who was shot and killed at a Cincinnati Zoo in 2016. It’s a cross of OG Kush, GG4 and an Afghani landrace.

Gluerangutan is the top cut from a 100,000+ pheno hunt. That means, out of all the seeds we planted, we selected Gluerangutan as the top cut. This is because of it hits a combination of all the key quality marks of a great strain:

  1. Strong terpenes, with a distinct flavour profile;

  2. Potent THC; and,

  3. Dense, sticky buds caked in resinous trichomes.

Gluerangutan Aroma & Flavour

Gluerangutan immediately fills your nose with aromas of fuel, pine and lemon. It's been described as a "cleaner" strain by some, due to its potent pine-lemon aroma combination. This is rounded out by the OG Kush, layering in some woodsy, earthy aromas that'll remind you of walking through a damp, old growth forest.

Gluerangutan Terpene Profile

GOOD BUDS Gluerangutan Terpene Profile

Gluerangutan has a strong terpene profile, typically exceeding 3% total terps. The most dominant terpenes found in Gluerangutan include:

  • Limonene

  • Beta-Caryophyllene

  • Ocimene

  • Trans-Nerolidol

  • Linalool

Gluerangutan Appearance and Bud Structure

GOOD BUDS Gluerangutan Bud shot

Gluerangutan buds have orange pistils and a classic yellow-green sugar leaf color. They're characterized by dense buds for outdoor grown cannabis.

Gluerangutan buds are coated with crystalline trichomes. This makes for a very sticky nug. When it's milled for pre-rolls, for example, it'll actually re-form into a ball overnight!

Is Gluerangutan Sustainable?

Most of the environmental harms from mass-produced cannabis happen during cultivation. That means they're hidden from customers' views. At GOOD BUDS, we grow our products keeping sustainability top of mind.

For Gluerangutan, every plant is:

  • Grown on our FVOPA organic certified family farm. And according to FVOPA's organic cultivation program

  • Grown in soil beds. Not single-use plastic pots or synthetic grow medium like coco coir or rockwool

  • Grown outdoors - No lights or HVAC needed

  • Grown using 100% purified recaptured rainwater

  • Grown with organic compost. Leftover stems and leaves are re-tilled back into the soils. This improves soil nutrients and eliminates plant waste

  • Grown 100% free of synthetic fertilizers

  • Grown 100% Pesticide-free

  • Grown on a family-run farm that acts as a carbon sink, absorbing carbon from atmosphere

To learn more about how Good Buds grows sustainably, click here.

Gluerangutan Effects

Gluerangutan is a hybrid strain. It's a 50/50 split between indica and sativa properties. It's characterized by a focused high that's neither uplifting nor sedative.

Gluerangutan is known for its high THC potency. Many consumers also claim that organic cannabis hits harder than conventional weed. Though there is no scientific evidence to prove this. In any case, to be safe, we recommend taking things slow to avoid accidentally consuming too much.

How it’s Grown

GOOD BUDS organic cannabis family farm on Salt Spring Island, BC

Gluerangutan can be grown both indoors and outdoors. At GOOD BUDS, we grow it outdoors. This is because Gluerangutan has a hearty nature and can hit up to 30% THC in an open field, no trellis environment.

We grow Gluerangutan outdoors on our FVOPA-Certified Organic family farm. Located on Salt Spring Island, BC, we're right next to the Salish Sea. That means that salty ocean breezes wash over our plants. This adds a special sticky-greasy quality to them.

Gluerangutan is grown without any pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. We grow in living soil organic row-mounds. And we use only organic nutrients, rich in bioavailable microorganisms. To protect each Gluerangutan plant, we use an organic weed barrier made of biodegradable corn husks. This reduces the need for excess watering during summer drought months. It also limits the impact from invasive weeds.

Gluerangutan drinks nothing but 100% pure recaptured rainwater. We collect this rainwater from our ponds during the rainy season. It's stored until it's used in the dry summer season. Water security is a concern on Salt Spring Island. So we’re proud that our family farm takes zero water from local wells or aquifers. That way, residents and other farmers aren't affected from our operations.

How it’s Harvested

Hand harvesting outdoor plant on GOOD BUDS' certified organic family-run farm

Every batch of Gluerangutan is hand harvested and slow cure hang dried for at least 14 days. It's then bucked down by hand. It's then stored in nitrogen flushed bags until it's ready for packaging and sale.

Final Thoughts on the Gluerangutan Strain

Gluerangutan is a potent strain with sticky flower and a dense bud structure. It boasts a strong gassy, cleaner terp profile, and potent THC. It’s grown organically by Good Buds on Salt Spring Island, BC.

As a high-THC strain, it’s best consumed by individuals with a high THC tolerance. Novices are better served looking for a strain with lower potency.

What Others are Saying: Gluerangutan Strain Profiles

If you're looking to learn more, below are some independent Gluerangutan strain profiles that give some more details about the strain:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Gluerangutan?

Gluerangutan can be found at your local dispensary in BC, Alberta, Ontario and the prairies. Medical patients can also buy it medically through Herbal Dispatch Cannabis Club.

What Formats do you sell Gluerangutan in?

Dosi Melon currently comes in 7g Whole Flower, 7g Milled Flower, 7-Pack of 0.5g Pre-Rolls, and 2-Pack of 0.5g Hash-Infused Pre-Rolls. We're always looking to keep our formats fresh, so you may be able to find it in a new format soon!

What's a Pheno Hunt?

A Pheno-Hunt is the process of selecting the best phenotype of a strain for production. When breeding a female and male cannabis plant, the female produces many seeds. This first generation of seeds created from the mating of a male and female plant are called F1 seeds.

F1 seeds produce plants with the most variability. Much like siblings, the same parent plants can produce completely different children. Each of these seeds produces a unique plant, known as a phenotype. Each phenotype will express a unique combination of traits from the parents. So the best way to find a winner is to grow many different phenotypes and then select the most desirable one. This selection process is pheno-hunting.

For Gluerangutan, we ran more than 100,000 F1 seeds to find the best possible genetic. That means Gluerangutan was the best out of more than 100,000 phenotypes that we ran in our field.

Why did you call it Gluerangutan?

It boils down to the incredible stickiness of the bud. While Gluerangutan is a mix of GG4, OG Kush and Afghani, we felt the bud deserved to have the term “glue” in its name. Also, it's a nod to the parent genetic, Harambe, named after the famous Gorilla.

Are you Organic Certified? If so, why doesn’t it say so on the label?

Yes! We’re certified organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association (FVOPA). Allof our product is grown organically. We don’t include the specific term “Certified Organic” on the label because certain provinces do not recognize organic cannabis certifications.

To keep things simple, we’ve opted instead to use the term “Living Soil Organics” or "LSO". We hope this will communicate that all of our flower is grown in living organic soils. And that it's grown in accordance with FVOPA’s strict organic cultivation program.

Isn’t Outdoor Grown Bud Worse than Indoor and Greenhouse?

Not necessarily.

Outdoor cannabis sometimes gets a bad reputation. But that’s more to do with the way it was grown in the past during prohibition. Back when it was illegal, it was much easier to hide the fact that you were growing weed by growing indoors. Outdoor cannabis plants were too exposed.

Outdoor cannabis was often “bush grown” in the middle of a forest or somewhere else hidden away. This was to protect growers who didn’t want to get caught with 100s of illegal plants growing on their property!

Outdoor growers didn’t invest much into improving the quality crops. The risk was too high that they might lose the entire crop. So outdoor cannabis got a reputation for being lower quality. Outdoor cannabis isn't necessarily lower quality. But because the TLC needed to make an excellent outdoor bud wasn’t possible during prohibition, outdoor cannabis got a bad reputation.

With legalization, we’re now getting growers growing quality outdoor bud. As Canada’s first licensed outdoor grower, we're leading the charge. We belive premium, craft outdoor cannabis is possible. It's also necessary in the face of climate change. We do this by:

  • Growing in Living organic soils

  • Using 100% pure recaptured rainwater

  • Protecting the plants with biodegradable, corn husk bio-plastic weed cover

  • Practicing organic pest control methods (i.e., bugs, not pesticides)

  • Diving deep on genetic R&D

  • Hand harvesting & hang drying

What About the Gluerangutan Infused Pre Rolls?

Gluerangutan infused pre-rolls use the same organically-grown buds as the regular pre-rolls. We then add single-strain Gluerangutan bubble hash into the mix. This gives the pre-rolls an extra THC and terpene boost. What you get is a more terpy & potent infused pre-roll that's also 100% distillate-free!

What About Gluerangutan Live Rosin?

Gluerangutan Live Rosin is a potent concentrate made from extracting fresh frozen buds. Unlike dried buds, fresh frozen cannabis creates more of a fresh plant aroma profile. Gluerangutan Live Rosin comes in at over 70% THC, with total cannabinoids over 90%, and terpenes above 5%. It's an organic, single strain live rosin that’s almost 100% pure cannabinoids and terpenes.

It’s also 100% free of butane, ethanol or other harmful chemicals. That makes it a cleaner smoke than concentrates created by soaking bud in butane (e.g., shatter, live resin).

Gluerangutan Live Rosin dripping from a dab tool - 100% organic small batch rosin

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